Lessons for Guitarists & Singer/Songwriters – Concord, NH

With over 200 shows in 2015 (including 2 tours of Italy under his own name & Montreal Jazz Festival w/ Vinx) touring artist & sideman Brad Myrick is one of New Hampshire’s busiest performers.  Brad has also been teaching music as a professor, clinician and private instructor for over a decade.  If you are a local guitarist or singer/songwriter looking to improve your skills then Brad can help you!  The combination of academic knowledge, real-life gigging experience, and the creative and fun personalized approach which Brad takes with each lesson has had students raving and traveling from around the world to study with him here in Concord, New Hampshire.

Some of Brad’s students have aspired to perform an original tune at an area open mic, others to prepare for college music courses, yet others to play lead guitar for a pop star in front of thousands of people a night.  Each of these goals was reached, which further inspired Brad to enthusiastically continue sharing his love for and knowledge of music with people every day.  For more info or a full résumé see the Teaching page of this website or email Brad at brad@bradmyrick.com.

Brad Myrick lessons Concord, NH - rock, jazz, pop; acoustic & electric guitar; songwriting

Brad Myrick lessons Concord, NH – rock, jazz, pop; acoustic & electric guitar; songwriting

Brad Myrick & Jonathan Lorentz – Feb 5, 2016

Brad Myrick will be back at one of his favorite venues, The Local (Warner, NH), this Friday, February 5 with saxophonist extraordinaire Jonathan Lorentz!  Guitar & Sax, piano, 2 voices, rock, pop, jazz, blues…it will be a night with music as diverse as the craft beer selection that Bill will be serving behind the bar!

Brad Myrick & Jonathan Lorentz @ The Local

Brad Myrick & Jonathan Lorentz @ The Local

Spring 2015

Hello everyone,

After a wildly successful mini-tour of Italy in April I’m back home and on the local circuit again!  I’d like to thank my friends Nicola Cipriani, Samuele Rossin, Matteo Vallicella and Andrea “Bobo” Oboe of the band BestOff for organizing some amazing concerts and for playing my music with such passion, skill, and professionalism.  It was an honor to play together for a second time, and I greatly look forward to a larger, third Brad Myrick/BestOff tour!  Videos are being edited and photos compiled of various performances, including 3 Brad Myrick/BestOff concerts, a Brad Myrick Trio show featuring Nicola and Samuele, and 3 solo concert/clinics at some wonderful modern music schools in the Verona area.

IMG_0160I have recently started working with the incredibly talented vocalist, Vinx, and look forward to all that awaits as we move forward making music together!  I was honored to play guitar on most tracks of his upcoming album (more info to come soon), and will be joining him on some tour dates including a show at the prestigious venue, Blues Alley, in Washington, D.C. this summer.

recording Vinx's new album

recording Vinx’s new album

As for my original music, I am happy to be expanding my live show from mostly solo performances to many acoustic duo and electric trio concerts!  I’m continuing to play with fantastic bassist and singer, Joey Pierog, who plays upright bass in the acoustic duo and electric bass in the trio.  We’ve been performing 15-20 of my tunes, both vocal and instrumental, along with some original arrangements of choice covers.  It’s exciting for me to get back into a performing band situation with my own material.  I will post on the media page as soon as we have good material to share!

Brad Myrick Acoustic Duo feat. Joey Pierog

Brad Myrick Acoustic Duo feat. Joey Pierog

I wish you all a fantastic spring.  Enjoy the nice weather and keep in touch!  Love and gratitude, Brad Myrick


Happy New Year!  2015 has gotten off to a very exciting start for me.  Less than a week into the new year I have several projects that I’m working on.  Here are a few things to look forward to in the first half of the new year:

I’m not one for “resolutions”, but I’ve decided my major goal for 2015 is to prioritize my artistic career as a songwriter and performer.  My long-awaited acoustic EP “Where The New World Begins”, recorded at Marizza Studio outside of Bologna, Italy last summer, is almost through the mixing phase and should be off to master and print in the next few weeks!  It contains 8 original studio tunes and one live, solo-acoustic instrumental piece.  I will begin work on my first full-length electric album as soon as WTNWB is released.  More info to come!

As a producer I have several projects in the works.  I’m very proud to be producing Heath Bartley’s new album, which is also in the mixing phase as we speak.  Heath and I have put the better part of 2 years into what I believe is an epic work.  Heath’s incomparable guitar-work and mature, evolved, unique songwriting offer a breath of fresh air for fans of rock music and great guitar playing.  I was privileged to arrange, play acoustic guitar, bass and piano, and sing background vocals.  My next two projects are to produce the newest Kenny Weiland album and assist in the production of the upcoming BestOff album in Verona, Italy.

This week I’ve also begun composing the soundtrack to the 3-episode pilot of a new series, writing lyrics for the new Zak Hinegk album, and teaching a community guitar class at New England College‘s Concord campus.  Tickets are already purchased and I’m organizing my next 3 week stint in Italy this April.  I will teach classes, clinics and workshops, and perform my original music at various concerts with an array of amazing musicians.  At those events I will be showcasing one of my LEGG guitars, and furthering my partnership with the exceptional Italian luthier Giuseppe Gobbi.  I am planning events, booking for local venues, finishing up my first instructional book on open chords, and even partnering with a doctor of physical therapy to create a new type of music therapy workshop which combines my teaching concepts with his knowledge of movement and the healing arts.  Oh, and I already have over 160 live music events on my calendar for 2015.  This is going to be a great year!

I wish everyone love and energy, and to hit the new year running.  I look forward to hearing from you and continuing this amazing journey of life and music that I am on.  -Brad